Shares Subscription Agreement Adalah

Instead of obtaining a prospectus, an investor involved in a private placement would receive a private placement brief. This document contains some of the same information, although the description of the facility is generally less exhaustive than what would be provided to the public to a member. A subscription contract is often made available to accredited investors with the private placement memorandum. This agreement could determine the investor`s return, for example. B if the returns are paid in lump sums or as a percentage of the company`s net profit. Unlike other forms of investment, which often have a borrowing element, an investment through an Advanced Subscription Agreement (ASA) is a purely equity investment. An investor invests money in a company after the conclusion of an ASA, but does not receive shares in the company until certain events occur, as stated in the agreement. Although a little riskier than a standard investment agreement in which shares are allocated after closing, investing through an ASA has its advantages. Greenaway Scott examines how ASA`s work works and its advantages over investments in the “traditional” sense. If your startup finds capital, you`ll need a number of documents before the money hits your bank account.

A share subscription agreement is a document you may need. While not all salary increases require this agreement, it`s important for founders to know when it`s necessary (and when not) to have one. A transaction document describes the details of a proposed transaction. In the event of an investment, the transaction document would deal with preferred shares, the purchase of equity from a company or the prescription of bonds, both convertible and non-convertible. On the other hand, it is important that anda masukkan adalah mengenai klasifikasi saham. Article 53(1) of Law No 40 of 2007 on limited liability companies (“PT UUs”) allows a PT to set 1 or more classifications of shares. According to Mr. Yahya Harahap S.H. in his book “Limited Liability Company Law”, the classification of shares means grouping of shares on the basis of the same characteristics. . .