The Fifth Agreement Chapters

The fourth chord, of course, is added to it – aspire to perfection by making your best results. Sometimes it`s too painful because we`ve gained the grief we`ve gained along the way. Yet we can`t run away from agreements. Why is it called agreement, not law or practice? But even this is a choice, no one can exploit you if you don`t build such a hostile relationship with yourself. “The Fifth Agreement” talks about control to avoid gossip and not comment on the ignorance or prejudice of others. In other words, don`t take life too personally! Even if it sounds too simple, is often much harder than it looks and does not feel it. What if we go back to the foundations of life and the freedom it entails. While these ideas and laws are supposed to serve our interests, they are often the other way around. Don`t punish yourself anymore, let new energy enter your heart and mind. Rest with your energy and let the blood flow with several open-minded techniques that do not take into account the unnecessary habits we have acquired over the years. First of all, it takes time, determination and above all discipline to free yourself. Go back to your natural state and don`t let these concepts disrupt your well-being.

Test and question your beliefs, don`t blindly follow them. Whatever the edge gives you, trust him if something leads you to neglect grief. A good book can facilitate the encounter between practice and personal opinion: we believe that “The Fifth Accord” serves as a reference for future inner victories. Be open to the point of view of others, but protect your views – that would be the most accurate description, in short. In the end, we were educated both at school and at home – how to behave like adults. In reality, it is they or, in one case, “we” who behave badly. Don Jose Ruiz was chosen by his father to perpetuate the centuries-old heritage of the healing and teaching family. Over the past 7 years, he has lectured in the United States and in holy places around the world. His notable works include classics such as The Four Agreements, The Mastery of Love and The Voice of Knowledge.

Fun fact: You can`t find a child who cares about their clothes, what colors to wear, or if this particular fashion accessory matches the combination. What is stopping you from addressing these restrictions that you yourself have imposed? The truth about whether you have the integrity to act rests on your shoulders.