University Of Qld Enterprise Agreement

(i) an agreement to reduce his or her annual salary in exchange for a proportionately additional rest leave over a period of 12 months or at the request of specialized staff, in order to normally work for five consecutive days from Monday to Sunday, where “negotiation” involves discussions and real efforts to resolve disputes and reach an agreement. For more information on the differences between the current company agreement and previous agreements, see the explanatory note to the main changes (PDF, 108.4 KB). The University of Queensland Corporate Agreement 2018-2021 (PDF, 2.3 MB) is UQ`s current corporate agreement. (u) A member of staff is not obliged to inform on weekends without his prior and explicit consent. (a) a Joint Advisory Committee (JCC), composed of three nominees from the university and three candidates from the Union, one of whom may be an industrial manager. After prior consultation, other participants may be invited to participate in a JCC meeting. (aa) If a supervisor and an officer cannot reach an agreement on the distribution of the workload, neither person may refer the matter to the CVD (A). The DVC (A) will be advised by both parties and will formulate a resolution. The CCV (A) may be advised by the Director, Human Resources.

The agreement enters into force on 19 March 2019. It expires on 30 June 2021, but remains in force until it is terminated or replaced by a new company agreement. This is a single company agreement that covers academic and professional staff and a TESOL language teacher. (a) a staff member may be asked to temporarily fill a senior vacancy. If the staff member agrees, assumes all duties and assumes full responsibility for the position, he or she receives an allowance in addition to his or her normal salary. Remuneration shall be the difference between the staff member`s salary and the minimum wage of the temporary post and shall be payable, provided that the time provided applies to the following amounts: `consultation` means that the participants or, in accordance with this Agreement, their selected representatives have access to any relevant material and have the opportunity to contribute to and influence a decision. Consultation does not mean reaching an agreement. (x) A staff member shall not be required to write or rewrite more than two subjects per year, unless it is a consensus. The letter or adaptation of these matters is not disproportionate to individual employees, except by mutual agreement. .

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